I’m Jenna G…The Hijabi from TT (Trinidad and Tobago):)

I am an absolute foodie with a love for travel and fashion. I love being the kitchen and experimenting with foods. I am far from a professional but you don’t need to be a pro to have fun in the kitchen!

I also loveeee trying out new food spots/restaurants everywhere the hubby and I go. Who doesn’t love a good meal and restaurant right? Each of these foodie adventures can be found on my ¬†website as I provide feedback and recommendations on some good food places to try out.

Travel has always been a love of mine! Hubby and I have been going on quite a few adventures and I have decided to share them with you!

Join me as I go on these food adventures both in my kitchen and at various food spots around the world. Follow me and keep up with my various travel experiences as well !

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