ALOO PIE WITH SHARK (Asha’s, Maracas, Trinidad)

Maracas Beach in Trinidad is known for it’s bake and shark. It has become a tradition to have one any and every time you visit this beautiful beach located along the north coast of the island.


Trinidad in general, is known for the diverse food options available on a daily basis throughout the island. One popular street food is the known as aloo pie.

Aloo (potatoes) are cooked, mashed and seasoned with salt, black pepper, garlic, hot pepper and the most important ingredient…ROASTED GEERA before being stuffed into a dough which is then fried in oil.

Trinis are always coming up with new food ideas and combinations which foodies go crazy over…. one such thing..combining fried shark with the aloo pie.


I will admit, there was some hesitance to try this but I decided to go for it. My first thought when I received it… ‘wayzzz this thing big!’ I really wasn’t expecting such a big pie. Also, I was expecting a typical aloo pie with the shark stuffed inside …but this was more of an ‘open face pie’

Like the bake and shark you can dress it any way u prefer… my additions included cabbage, cucumber, spicy mango, onions, chadon beni sauce, garlic sauce, ketchup, pepper, tamarind sauce😁😃🇹🇹 Sounds good right?

Well it certainly was! There was not much of the aloo in it though but I was able to get the taste of it sometimes. The dough was a bit crispy but I actually enjoyed it like that. It was great!

Believe it or not I actually cannot remember the price of it…but I think it was below $50TT (but please don’t quote me on that).

I was pleased with my choice but I’ll still go for my bake and shark next time…something about a bake and shark at Maracas that just gets me excited😀


If you have not yet tried the aloo pie with shark I’ll definitely tell you that you should!

Thanks Asha’s!


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