PERSIAN FOOD (Kish Restaurant, Thornhill, Canada)

As a Muslim, getting halal food when visiting another country can be a bit difficult but when you go to countries like Canada, halal food is abundant! I love trying food from different countries and what better choice than some halal Persian food!

Kish Restaurant is located on Yonge Street in Thornhill Canada and has been in operation for manyyyy years! It’s a cute corner food spot with casual  indoor seating available.


The food is usually made by order so there is a bit of a wait (not very long I will add).

Our meal choices included:

  1. VAZIRI – This consisted of one ground beef skewer and one chicken breast kabob skewer (approx 14 CAD)
  2. BARG – A skewer of marinated strips of filet mignon kabob (approx 16 CAD)
  3. CORNISH HEN – Chicken and BBQ tomatoes (approx 17 CAD)

Each of the choice were served with either rice or pita bread. We chose rice of course lol but the pita bread would have been a good option as well.


We unfortunately didn’t have it at the restaurant as we had a long day so we decided to take it home and we requested that all the meats be packaged together and all the rice as well. The food was piping hot!!! and you guys should know by now that I LOVE hot food! 😀

The colors and aroma when these containers were opened were unbelievable!!! I could not wait to just dig in!


The meats were all seasoned perfectly. My favorite would be the ground beef kabob skewer. The meat just melted in my mouth and I can taste the rich spices in it…. very very well marinated! It went so great with the rice. My 2nd favorite was the filet mignon! Omg intense flavors and well cooked!


My one negative remark would be the lack of ‘gravy/sauce’ but when I combined the BBQ tomatoes with the rice and meat it was hit. Usually for me, rice and anything is delicious but I know some people prefer to have some gravy/sauce with their meals…


Other than that though, this is a place I’ll definitely be visiting again! Great food! It was pricey in my opinion but I found that generally prices in Canada were a bit high. I would say it was worth the money however as this was able to feed 3 grown adults for dinner and lunch the following day.

See you again KISH RESTAURANT! 😀


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