ALASKAN KING CRAB (Naked Crab, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida)

Trini crab is totally different not only in taste but size from what we tried at Naked Crab located on Seabreeze Boulevard in Ft  Lauderdale.

Priced at $59.99USD per pound, this was some massive crab. The serving option was either hot with melted butter or cold with mustard sauce. Our choice…hot! 😀

The one sad part about this was that no sides were included with this price so we ordered some fries separately (which were delish btw and A LOT!). With the butter, the crab was very good!

One pound was sufficient for both hubby and myself…and we even had left overs!

I won’t say however, that I am a fan of crab outside Trinidad lol…give me curried crab or crab in callaloo and you’ll have me smiling!

Overall, it was ok…but I preferred my meal (food post can be found on

…but it will still be a place I’ll say you should try! 😀




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