“I’M STUFFED” SHRIMP (Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., Universal Studios, Orlando, Florida)

IMG_2746.JPGEntree choice for me was this yummy sounding dish …”I’m stuffed” Shrimp!

What exactly was it? Well the dish consisted of….Large Shrimp with Crab Stuffing…baked in Garlic Butter, topped with Monterey Jack Cheese and served with Jasmine Rice. Did your mouth water like mine did just from reading that???

Priced at 19.49USD, in my opinion it was priced right as it contained both crab and shrimp!

I would be honest when I say that this was my favorite dish I had while in Florida for this trip (May 2017). The flavors were so intense! The garlic butter was amazing…the crab stuffing with the shrimp was one of the nicest combinations ever! And once I have rice it’s always a bonus😀

Apart from the taste, presentation for me is a big deal. Like many people, I eat with my eyes. One thing that did not disappoint for sure what the presentation of this dish!

Sooo…not only did it look good though…it also tasted DELCIOUS!!!…notice the caps used there? That’s because it need to be shouted…DELICIOUS…DELICIOUS…DELICIOUS!

Overall, this dish is FANTASTIC! And surely worth you trying it! Great food…great presentation…great service…great portion size!

Loved it!😍



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