WOOD-GRILLED LOBSTER, SHRIMP & SALMON (Red Lobster, International Dr, Orlando, Florida)

IMG_3110.JPGOur restaurant choice for lunch was none other than Red Lobster. My entree was Wood-Grilled Lobster, Shrimp and Salmon .

What can I say apart from BEYOND DELICIOUS and NEVER DISAPPOINTS when speaking about this meal?….even more DELICIOUS and ABSOLUTELY NEVER DISAPPOINTS!!! lol

If you love seafood, meet your new love….All wood-grilled… fresh Atlantic Salmon, a Maine lobster tail and jumbo shrimp skewer, finished with brown butter and served with rice as well as a choice of side (my choice was broccoli).


This is one of my all time favorite spots and dishes whenever I travel to the United States. The flavors in each of the components of this dish are always out of this world.

The serving size is just perfect and the price is just right. You can get this entire dish, in addition to a salad of your choice (garden or caesar) all for less than 30USD….and we can’t forget the super delicious biscuits that you get as well.

Not only am I always pleased with the taste, but also the service. Our waitress at this Red Lobster was great…very friendly and efficient (although there was a mix up with our drinks..but she handled it very well).




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