CHINESE FOR DINNER (Valpark Chinese Restaurant, Valsayn, Trinidad)

Chinese food!…When you think Chinese for dinner most times you think about take out… order…collect…enjoy at home? Right?… That’s usually the case for me to be honest, but sometimes I enjoy getting dressed up and having some delicious Chinese food at a restaurant.

Valpark Chinese Restaurant has been around since I have known myself lol… I have always loved their food as it’s full of some much richness and great flavors so of course my choice for dinner was at this restaurant. It is conveniently located in Valpark Shopping Plaza with more than enough parking available (always a good thing). It’s a nice and cozy setting suitable for any event…but reservations are recommended for weekends especially. Upon arrival, you’re greeted by a warm and friendly lady (who I remember working there since I was a kid…not kidding lol) and of course as you enter, you can just smell all the fooddddd.

My company for the night lol

We decided to skip appetizers and go straight to the main course. The chicken is halal so our choices included:

  1. Egg fried rice
  2. Veggie Singapore noodles
  3. Chinese style chicken in oyster sauce
  4. Pepper shrimp
  5. Black mushrooms in black bean sauce


So of course, my mouth is watering now from simply typing that 😀 lol One thing I will note however, are the small platters on which the food was served. It was a bit messy to dish out (especially the rice).

With regards to the taste, there is a strong ginger flavor in most of the dishes but I have always remembered it to be that way and although I am not a fan of ginger, I always enjoy eating at this restaurant. The mushrooms have always been a favorite of mine so that was the bomb as always! The Singapore noodles had a stronger curry flavor than usual but was still delicious nonetheless….


Prices of course are what to be expected at any restaurant. Our bill was $315 but I would say it is worth it if you are looking to have a great date night or just to simply go out and have dinner without having the hustle of cooking/cleaning.

Have you been to Valpark Chinese Restaurant? What are your thoughts? Leave me a comment or send me a message. Would love to hear from you.

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