CONCH/LAMBIE day (Umbrellas, Grenada)

There are a few things you MUST do when you visit the Spice Isle…. one of them is to ensure you have some lambie/conch at some point in time!

Our lunch spot today was the popular Umbrella’s Restaurant located just about 10 mins away from the Grenada’s Maurice Bishop International Airport, on Grand Anse Beach.


With seating available both outside and indoors, this food spot is surely one for you to visit! The site of the beautiful blue waters and white sands while you dine is just breathtaking.


As with all the people we came across while visiting the island, the hospitability at this establishment was amazing! The servers greeted us with smiles and were quite inviting!


Ok… let’s talk about the food right? Lol wellll immediately as I opened the menu, I noticed the conch/lambie dishes… conch soup and lambie souse to be exact! Of course both starters were ordered for the table… couldn’t miss out on these!

Let’s start with the lambie souse! Souse in my opinion is ‘meat chow’ because of its flavor content! It’s full of fresh herbs, seasonings, onions, cucumbers, pepper and lime and is usually in a transparent liquid that makes the dish so vibrant as you can see all the colors of the various elements in it . I’ve never had lambie souse so I was so excited to try this dish!


The presentation was just perfect and it was served with garlic bread on the side. There were chunks of lambie and chopped tomatoes that made the dish so pleasing to the eye.

First spoon….and I was in heaven! The taste was on point! It was so delicious! Portion size was just right for a starter and it cost 15XCD (approx $38TT) which was a great price! You have got to try this!

Now let’s talk about the conch soup! Unlike the souse, this was served hot and there were no chunks of conch or veggies. Instead, it was a smooth, light brown liquid. Although Β it was not as visually attractive as the souse, I promise you, you will be satisfied with the flavors!

Another delicious starter from Umbrella’s that is priced just right (14XCD) and with be ideal serving size!


I fell in love not only with the beautiful island but also with the food and people! This particular spot was great! Not many seafood options to choose from for lunch but he few available items will definitely satisfy your taste buds!

If or when you visit the Spice Isle, be sure to pay them a visit! See you again Umbrella’s! πŸ˜€πŸ‡¬πŸ‡©

Thanks much for taking time to read my blogpost!

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