Hubby and I headed to the Chaguanas market in Trinidad over the weekend where we purchased a bag of corn for $10 TTD (had around 10 in a bag) and as soon as I got home, I wasted no time in boiling them. Boiled corn is one of those ‘snacks’ most Trinis love! There are 2 main ways of preparing it….one with coconut milk and lots of green seasoning while the other is without the coconut milk.

This is one of the easiest things to make. I wouldn’t say that there is a specific recipe or amount of green seasoning or coconut milk to use as this is something that you put together based on your taste buds. For me, I added A LOT of green seasoning to it, some in the beginning and the majority just a few minutes before the corn were all fully cooked.

My green seasoning usually consists of garlic, peppers, chadon beni (culantro) and Spanish thyme. Sometimes I include fine thyme once I get my hands on it. In addition to the green seasoning, I added finely chopped celery and chive as well.

I’ll just say that the more green seasoning the better! 😋😋😋


I boiled them for roughly one and a half hours to ensure that they were all soft.

Here is the video:

How do you make your boiled corn? What do you add to it? Leave me a comment or send me a message.

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