LUNCH AT KAZZA (Trinidad and Tobago Restaurant Week, 2018)

Trinidad and Tobago Restaurant Week (TTRW),  which takes place every year, is a quite highly anticipated event especially for foodies, like myself. This year it started on September 28th and ends on October 7th. One of the top restaurants on my list to visit was Kazza Pot and Kettle.

Kazza is conveniently located on Couva Main Road and can accomodate roughly 30 persons at a time for dining. It is a relatively new and super cute spot that’s perfect for a meeting, girls lime or a date. One of the MAIN reasons for me choosing this food spot was because EVERYTHING was halal and no pork or alcohol are served at the establishment. For my Muslim readers, this is one of those restaurants that’s Darul ul Loom certified which is exactly the type of place that will catch my attention.

For appetizers, there were 5 options to choose from. I decided to try the prawn cocktail and hubby went for the chicken satay skewers. Usually during TTRW it’s wise for the persons dining to choose different items from the menu so that everyone would get to taste something different. The prawn cocktail was lovely! One of the major downfalls with prawns is the uncertainty of the size you will be sized. Thankfully, although there were only four (4), they were pretty good size. They were served with a very tasty salad. The chicken satay skewers were amazing and full of great flavors. We were both satisfied with our choices and portion size was satisfying. I contemplated ordering another serving of the skewers. The peanut sauce that it was served with had some spice which I loved!


Moving along to the main course. There were actually quite a few options for the entree. It was toss up for me between the pasta and the steak. I love pasta (after rice of course) but when there is steak…especially halal steak I tend to gravitate towards that especially since halal steaks are hardly available at many of the restaurants. I eventually opted for the tenderloin steak which was served with potatoes. Hubby’s choice was the rack of lamb which was served with mashed potatoes. Both were nicely presented. The lamb was AMAZING! The steak was delicious as well but I would have liked a slightly bigger size. Baring in mind however, that it was a 3 course menu, the portion size was quite appropriate.

Next it was on to hubby’s favorite part, the dessert! We ordered the chocolate shooter and the torta enquecillada which was a combination of cake and flan. I absolutely loved it! I can’t remember ever having a dessert like that but it was so awesome! Hubby was disappointed with the shooter….no before you think it was because it tasted terribly, you are wrong. He was disappointed because it wasn’t big enough! (lol). He is a big chocolate and dessert lover so the more for him the better!! lol….The chocolate shooter was (from the name) a shooter…like a (drink) shot. It was quite delicious though!!!

Our server was so friendly and bubbly which is always greatly appreciated at any establishment. Overall, although we found the serving size of the entree to be smaller than we would have liked, we definitely enjoyed the experience especially as first timers and will surely recommend that you visit them.

Check them out on facebook and Instagram and definitely check them out soon for great service and food. They also have breakfast available and a variety of desserts to choose from.


What restaurants have you tried this year for TTRW so far? Send me a msg or comment and let me know about your experience.

Cheers to more food adventures! Be sure to follow me on Instagram to keep updated with my daily food adventures.


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