SEAFOOD BUFFET AT TIKI VILLAGE, KAPOK HOTEL , TRINIDAD (Trinidad and Tobago Restaurant Week 2018)

There are so many restaurants to choose from during Trinidad and Tobago Restaurant Week which happens once a year. This year it’s from September 28th to October 7th. One of my choices included Tiki Village at Kapok Hotel in Trinidad for their Seafood buffet.

Tiki Village has always been a favorite spot of mine. The amazing ambiance is ideal for a date night or a family dinner. One of the main reasons for choosing this spot/menu was because there was no pork being served that night and it was all about the seafood which I love!

During restaurant week, there are different categories with different menus being offered. This menu fell in the ‘delectable’ category which was priced at $300 per person and consisted of a 3 course meal.

Appetizers included a delicious seafood chowder, wantons and spring rolls. I am a huge fan of chowder so it was a total hit for me! The wanton and springs rolls were also both quite delicious!

The main course options included, plain rice, fried rice, noodles, vegetables, sweet and sour fish, seafood medley, squid in black beans and four seasons shrimp.

I thoroughly enjoyed everything! It was mentioned on the menu that the four seasons shrimp was spicy but it was not spicy at all for me. It was still delicious though. I was so full so fast..maybe it was because of the yummy dinner rolls that were also available (I LOVE those dinner rolls and can’t stop eating them once I start).

Finally for dessert, options included caramel cheesecake, passion fruit mousse, fruit salad and mocha squares.

Hubby is a dessert person. My taste buds prefer the savory items but I did have the cheesecake which was ohhhh sooooo goooddd!!! We didn’t have the fruit salad but hubby enjoyed the other items. Desserts are always such a pretty food item.

Overall, I loved it all from the food to the ambiance…to the service! As I mentioned earlier, Tiki Village has always been a favorite spot of mine and somewhere I’d definitely recommend. The staff members are super friendly and quite helpful.

The price is on the high side but it’s lovely intimate spot with great tasting food! If you love seafood, check them out on Wednesday 3rd September for another seafood buffet night!

For those in Trinidad and Tobago, have you made reservations yet at restaurants for this year’s restaurant week? Leave me a comment or send me a message and let me know about your experiences.

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  1. jet_video says:

    Thank you Jenna.What I may have missed from the post is the dates of Restaurant Week.Was it last week or is it this week? Thank you. 

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