LAMB BIRYANI (Palki’s, Chaguanas, Trinidad)

This was the first time actually dining at the restaurant which is located on Ramsaran Street in Chaguanas. As we opened the door and entered, the mouth watering aromas got me hungry instantly!

Our waiter was fantastic! He was knowledgeable of the menu and items and made recommendations and was very pleasant.

For the main course we decided on the lamb biryani but let me just say…


I am a bigggg pepper mouth and my insides, ears, mouth, nose were on fire! It was soooo hot!!! 🌡🔥🔥🔥but boy was it good!…👌

Now, it actually didn’t have to be that spicy. You do have a choice of the spice level… we just decided to be brave and go for it! As they say in Trinidad…’talk bout pressure after!’ Haha!

I could not handle it lol but it was really good. Next time we will NOT be taking that level of spice lol.

We also had the chicken vindaloo which is served with potatoes as one dish and it was just as amazing as the biryani.

One interesting thing to note.. you can actually choose from the Hakka menu or the Indian menu…. we’ll hopefully try out the Hakka menu next time.

Prices were very very affordable! Anyone who enjoys authentic Indian foods should visit here!

Recommended for sure!

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