BAKE AND SHARK (Asha’s, Maracas, Trinidad)

IMG_0312What’s my favorite spot for bake and shark?…without hesitation I’ll say Asha’s in Maracas!

Here they actually import the shark that is used…and fry it on the spot so you’re guaranteed to be having freshly made food!…

Bake and shark is a famous ‘must have’ when visiting Maracas Beach in Trinidad. There are many vendors to choose from but my #1 would be this spot!

You can add anything to the bake and shark…choices include cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes, salad, onions, spicy mango and don’t forget about the sauces that make it even better!…chadon beni sauce, pepper, ketchup, bar b que, garlic, salad dressing, mustard.

Apart from bake and shark there are lots of other choices such as shark and fries, shrimp, salmon but my favorite is bake and shark! What is a Maracas trip without a bake and shark?

There’s comfortable seating available with a huge fan that cools you down until you are ready to hit the beach! And the place is always clean which for me is a definite thumbs up!

If you choose not to sit and have it at Asha’s itself though, I suggest you add a view of the ocean while having this delightful food on the beach sand and you’ll experience the true beauty of a bake and shark at Maracas!


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