OMELETTE and GRILLED CHEESE PANINI (Chocolate Bar, Trinidad)

Hubby and I ventured to a relatively new local spot in Santa Cruz, Trinidad called Chocolate Bar Cafe.

This cute and casual food spot, you can tell, is a sure attraction! The traffic in and out of there during the short time we were there was amazing.

As usual, I can never decide what to have from the menu. After a couple minutes I went for the omelette with mushrooms, onions and cheese while hubby chose the grilled cheese panini! One thing we do quite often is have different meals so we can split it with each other😀

Both were fantastic choices as they were both delicious and a great portion size. The omelette was loaded with cheese and veggies…just as I like it. The panini on the other hand had mushrooms and peppers which made it even more tasty. Both were served hotttt which I always appreciate (freshly made food) and the playing was kept simple. We both thoroughly enjoyed our meals.

The one downside of visiting this spot on that day was that none of the persons we asked knew whether they used halal chicken or not and also which cakes had alcohol. This would have been the onlyyyy disappointment for me.

Other than that, this Cafe, although small, is a great casual breakfast/brunch stop with both outdoor and indoor (air conditioned) seating available.

If you are in the Santa Cruz area be sure to check them out!


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