IMG_1740A trip to Tobago would not be a real trip without some ‘curry’ crab and dumpling from Store Bay. This local dish is one, if not the most, popular on this beautiful island.

Store Bay is always full of activity with people taking a look at clothes from the different clothing vendors, eating and not to mention enjoying the gorgeous white sands on the beach.

There are different vendors from whom you can purchase crab and dumpling. I’ve had from more than one vendor and they all were similar in terms of taste. However, Miss Jean’s is a very well known choice by many. The average price of a crab and dumpling combo is $55.

The dumplings are usually made from flour, salt and some baking powder. All ingredients are combined and kneaded after which the dough is left for roughly an hour before it is cut into smaller pieces  and shaped accordingly by hand and then boiled. The crabs are curried and served with the dumplings.

If you have been following my IG and YouTube videos you will know that I am a rice lover so believe it or not, I actually travel with my already cooked rice 😂🙈 so instead of the dumplings I have rice with the crab. From time to time however, I would admit that the size of the crabs served were a bit a small but the taste to me is always still worth it!

If and when you do visit Tobago be sure to stop in Store Bay, which is a stones throw away from the airport, and enjoy some of the local culture😀



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