DAILY CATCH SANDWICH (Waves Restaurant, Black Rock, Tobago)

Foodies like myself, are always doing research on different meals/dishes and restaurants to try. If you ask me, I can give you an entire list of food spots around the world I’d like to visit. While exploring restaurants in Tobago using google and Facebook, I stumbled upon Waves Restaurant and Bar located in Black Rock, Tobago.

Without hesitation, it was added to my list. Hubby and I decided to grab lunch there. Approximately 15 mins from the Crown Point International Hotel, it was an easy drive and easy place to find. Upon arrival, I immediately noticed their gorgeous wall display with their name on it which was a pretty good welcome sign…and picture spot for you photo lovers. As we entered the establishment, we were greeted with smiles and an amazing ocean view.

We actually arrived a bit later than the regular lunch period so there were not many people dining so we were seated quickly and given menus. If you don’t know, I am a rice lover so of course I always look for rice on the menu but what surprised not to see any so instead, I had to choose from a choice of tacos, salads, paninis and/or burgers.


My choice….grilled daily catch of the day with fries ($80TTD). The daily catch was tuna! Within a few minutes, our meals were here! Hubby’s choice was the shrimp tacos.


Many of us eat with our eyes! When my meal arrived, my eyes lit up! As I had my mind set on rice or maybe pasta, I wasn’t sure how I’d enjoy a sandwich and fries….but my eyes were surely pleased when I saw my choice! The sandwich was huge with lots of grilled tuna, pickles (not a fan of pickles though), lettuce, red onions and tomatoes. My tummy was already full from just looking at it!

But of course I had to dig in to taste it! Condiments were provided so I added some ketchup, garlic sauce as well as pepper sauce (and lots of it). My first bite…..FANTASTIC! It was soooo good! The tuna was perfectly cooked and the fries were crispy….I was in foodie heaven! I really enjoy tuna because of the firm texture and after bring grilled, this was delicious!

One of the great things about this restaurant, like many in Tobago, was the wonderful and relaxing view! Also, the friendly staff made this experience even more enjoyable.


The one disappointment for me was the limited lunch options and also the chicken not being halal. It would have been nice to see perhaps some local cuisine added such as callaloo etc. I should mention however, that there was roti available but maybe a little more additions would be nice.

My overall thoughts on this spot? DEFINITELY a place for you to visit! The relaxed atmosphere, great view and delicious casual lunch was perfect for a weekend lunch spot.

See you again soon Waves!


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