SHRIMP TACOS (Waves Restauant, Black Rock, Tobago)


Whenever I go on food adventures, it’s normally the hubby who accompanies me. We usually order different meals so that we can get a variety to taste from. His choice for lunch at Waves Restaurant located in Black Rock, Tobago was the shrimp tacos which were actually appetizers.

Grilled Tuna Sandwich and Shrimp Tacos

I don’t think I have ever had tacos in Tobago so I was very excited with his choice! When I think about tacos, I think messy! But the presentation of this was on point! 3 tacos elegantly laid out on a ‘taco holder’ with everything neatly in place in the soft homemade tacos which were filled with shrimp, black beans, cabbage, carrots, salsa and a lime cream sauce.

One bite of it had my taste buds in glee! The shrimp were so succulent and the cream sauce with the black beans were a delight! For an appetizer, this choice was very fulling. The cabbage was crunchy and perfect and the overall taste was so satisfying!

I would however say I preferred my choice of the grilled tuna sandwich and fries lol but this was surely a fantastic dish as well. I really enjoyed our meal choices and restaurant for lunch.


The view was fantastic and the staff was courteous. I absolutely also loved the welcome wall that greeted us upon arrival. It was certainly a great photo spot for you photo lovers (like myself lol).


Next time I’ll check them out for dinner😀


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