REDFISH N’ LOBSTER (Joe’s Crab Shack, Daytona Beach, Florida)

When you are in the United States and think about seafood, there are a couple restaurants that come to mind…one of them being Joe’s Crab Shack! The one we headed to was located on the beautiful Daytona Beach, Florida.


What an amazing place to dine! Casual…on the beach…great ambiance! There were sooo many entree choices from ‘steam pots’, crab buckets, soups and salads, shrimp….so I actually took a while to decide but I finally made up my mind and chose the ‘Redfish ‘N Lobster’ 😀 Sounds delish right?! Why didn’t I go for the crab as I was at Joe’s Crab Shack you’re probably wondering?!…well because I already had crab at another restaurant a few nights before and also because I had a lot of company…some of whom chose crab (so I knew I would have been able to sneak some from them😀).

What exactly did my meal consist of??…it was seared redfish topped with a creamy lobster sauce loaded with spinach and mushrooms…. served over rice with broccoli.


Now, I wasn’t sure what to expect as I never had a lobster sauce to be honest…but it was surprisingly pretty good! The creamy consistency was so delicious with the fish and together with the rice….a match made in heaven!

What made this experience even more enjoyable? The FANTASTIC VIEW….I absolutely love dining with an ocean view…it makes the food taste even more delicious lol😋😉

Daytona Beach, Florida (May 2017)

One thing I never had to complain about at any food place/restaurant on this trip was the great service we received everywhere we visited. Our waitor even jumped onto a bench to take a proper photo of us (group of 7). He was truly amazing! Funny…smiley…friendly and super helpful!

Look out for me again soon Joe’s Crab Shack! 😀


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