COFFEE COOLERS LAUNCH (Rituals, Trinidad and Tobago)

Last Friday, Rituals Coffee House invited me to the official launch of the ‘RITUALS COFFEE COOLERS’.


Not being a huge coffee lover myself, I was a bit sceptical in giving a review on what is essentially a coffee product, but it’s always good to be open-minded in all foodie experiences. So, I donned my new JennaGTheHijabiTT t-shirt and went for it!

The coolers come in two (2) flavours, Caramel & Mocha. I do love caramel, so I figured that if I were going to like any of them, it would be the caramel. To my surprise, after tasting the two flavours, I really loved the Mocha. Now the caramel wasn’t bad or anything, but the Mocha with a hint of chocolate really hit the spot. I was experiencing love at first taste!


As I mentioned, I am not much of a coffee drinker, so these coolers had just the right blend of coffee and chocolate/caramel for my taste buds. However, later that day, I let my hubby, who likes to call himself a coffee connoisseur, give it a try. His opinion was, although he liked the taste and it was refreshing, it lacked that ‘coffee kick’. He would have preferred a stronger hint of coffee, and slightly less sugar.


Overall, I would definitely give the product a “Thumbs Up”. The coolers come in a large 13.7 fl. Oz or 405ml size and it will be retailing at the stores for TT$25.00. It is a great ‘Grab & Go’ pick me up!

After attending the event and speaking to the people behind the product, I think it is poised to do well. There are plans to add more flavours. My suggestion was to do a Chai version. What flavours would you like them to add?


Give it a try and let me know what you think!


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