HALAL INDIAN CUISINE (Rasam Restaurant, Trinidad)

A fully halal setting with halal food is exactly what Muslims like myself totally enjoy. One restaurant guaranteed to meet these needs would be none other than Rasam, located in Grand Bazaar in Trinidad.

It’s been a while since we dined here but we decided to indulge in some delightful Indian cuisine over the weekend and so we (hubby and I) chose this spot.


We had the option of buffet style that night…Saturday night… ($275 taxes included) or a la carte… we opted for a la carte for some reason lol.

Our choices included lamb biryani, tandoori zinga (shrimp) and dum ka murga (chicken).

IMG_6817.JPGThe shrimp was amazingggg! I absolutely loved the flavors! It was marinated in a yogurt based sauce with lime juice, seasoned with Indian spices and baked in a tandoori oven. I would say that it was pricey ($140) and there were about 8 shrimp but the taste was definitely worth it!



The lamb biryani was quite tasty as well. I would have liked some more spice though but there was actually sufficient lamb and overall it was very flavorful with lots of spices. One thing I don’t like when having Indian food is getting bits and pieces of the spices such as the cardamom seeds and bag leaves… but aside from that, it was a hit!


I’ve never had dum ka murga. This was a chicken dish with cashews and fried onions. It was more of a green color instead of the red curry I was expecting but it blew out taste buds away! Husband said this was his favorite of the 3 dishes we tried! Lol

Overall we were very much satisfied with both the food and service! If you were looking to get more for your money I would say to go for the buffet though as our bill came up to about $500 (just roughly $50 less than the total for the buffet for both of us). I did enjoy our meal and choices a whole lot for sure however. Next time I’ll give the buffet a try.


Of course we will be visiting again IA! And just in case you ladies were wondering about the outfit for the night lol… here it isπŸ˜€


A blush colored maxi dress with a matching scarf… love me some maxi dresses! πŸ˜πŸ‘—

Anyways… if you guys have tried Rasam for lunch or dinner, feel free to share your experience! Would love it hear from you! Don’t forget to follow me on:

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