LE MODERNE (Trinidad and Tobago Restaurant Week 2017)

Ahhh restaurant week continues for us and our next choice was Le Moderne, an Indo French inspired restaurant located on Ariapita Avenue in Trinidad.

With a savory menu set at $200TTD per person we (hubby and I) were pretty excited to have dinner as it was the first visit at this establishment for us.

I’ll share the story of us following directions using waze first of all before we get into the food etc lol. For some reason, I could not remember where the restaurant was located so I decided to use waze which for whatever reason kept taking us to the WRONG place! lol so we were a bit late for our reservation…but we eventually found the place after I called them 🙈

So just to note, don’t use waze lol… it’s at the corner of Belle-Smthye road and Ariapita Avenue. If you are using waze, type in Belle Smthye road instead of ‘Le Moderne’ 😀

Ok ok so now on to the details! 😊

Seeing that this was the first visit, I had no idea what to expect but upon arrival, I was delightfully surprised. We stepped into a casual yet classy restaurant (gosh can’t believe I didn’t take a pic of the inside🙈) with extremely friendly staff! It’s a small but very cozy modern spot.


We were immediately seated and presented with the menu. Appetizer choices included escargots, potato samosas or pumpkin soup. My choice was the samosas with tamarind sauce and hubby chose the pumpkin bisque.


The samosas although delicious were small in my opinion. I think if there was just maybe one more, it would have been a perfect dish. On the inside, there was not only potato but peas as well which added a nice touch!… I really enjoyed it! The tamarind sauce was amazing…. And the bed of salad beneath the samosas added an extra nice crunch and also enhanced the presentation.

Of course I had to taste the soup too! 😀….Never thought I’d say this (never been a fan of pumpkin soup) but that soup was delish!!! Sooo creamy and smooth with a subtle pumpkin flavor! It was served in a beautiful dish shaped like a pot which to me was an awesome presentation! Thumbs up on that!


Next stop… main course! Choices included lobster, chicken or lamb! My choice was the lamb… hubby’s was the lobster. I’ll start with mine… portion was good and the taste was delish! The lamb was very much tender and so easy to eat that I didnt even need to use the knife to cut through it. It was served with mashed potatoes and veggies which complemented the lamb pretty well. One point to note… the lamb is served with a sauce that contains alcohol so be sure to requested a different sauce like I did.


Moving on to hubby’s lobster choice. Of course when I hear lobster I get excited but my concern is always how much am I going to get and how would it be prepared. This dish consisted of chunks of lobster in a garlic butter sauce and, like mine, was served with mashed potatoes and veggies. I was very much pleased with the taste for sure! I would have liked to see a slightly bigger portion size however orrrr maybe a smaller serving dish used. I feel like maybe the dish was too big so it made the meal look small with regards to the portion size. Hubby said that it was fulling though so it could have just been the perception based on the plate size.


Now on to the best part as some people would say!… the dessert!!! 😀😀 there were two choices… cheesecake or crepe. Of course we took both. The cheesecake was amazing!!! Smooth consistency and greattt taste! The crepe was perfectly done but it was filled with fruits and I’m not much of a ‘fruits for dessert’ kind of person… I did like the sweet syrup on it though! My preferred choice for the dessert would be the cheesecake!… great great taste!


In total, we were at the restaurant for no more than an hour and a half. The service was on point! And the staff was super friendly with smiles on their faces. There was no long waiting period for food which any and everyone would surely appreciate!

We were both very much satisfied with our choice for dinner! Can definitely see us visiting again after Restaurant week.

Before I finish, I need to mention the drinks! Some of the participating restaurants of Restaurant Week serve complimentary drinks. At this restaurant the choices on the menu were both alcoholic beverages. We requested a non alcoholic version which was no problem at all. We were greeted with a very beautiful strawberry drink! Great job there as well!


if you do get a chance, check them out. If you have already done so, leave a comment or send me a message and share your thoughts! You can contact them at 622-8363


Thanks so much for taking the time to read this! You are awesome😀 Be sure to follow me onInstagram and also like my page on Facebook


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  1. Sofiyya says:

    Totally taking your advice for this wknd!

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    1. Let me know what you think when you visit!

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