HAKKA RESTAURANT (Trinidad and Tobago Restauant Week 2017)

It’s that time of year again! Restaurant week has officially started in Trinidad and Tobago. This is the 5th year this event is being held and the number of participating restaurants has increased significantly over the years.

First stop for me was Hakka Restaurant located on Taylor Street in Woodbrook, Trinidad. This restaurant falls under the ‘Savory’ category and has a price tag of $200TTD per person (drinks not included). I’ve been to this restaurant before but it’s the first year that they are participating in Restaurant week so why not check them out especially as they serve halal meats.


For appetizer, the choices included soups, chili mushroom and chicken lollipop (see pic of the menu above for details). My choice was the seafood soup and hubby chose the chicken lollipop. Actually my family members (8 adults and 2 kids) all chose the seafood soup and chicken lollipops lol🤷🏼‍♀️ (See the pic here )

My soup was FANTASTIC! It was very rich and there was the distinct flavor of the chadon beni (culantro) used.  For me, that was a HIT! I love the taste of local seasonings in soups/broths. The temperature was perfect and there was a good balance of the seafood and liquid. I added some soy sauce and the chili paste which just made my taste buds extra happy! It was delightful!


I tasted the chicken lollipop (there were 5 or 6 pieces) and whilst it was good, I would have preferred some more spice. When paired with the sauces provided, it was great though. My favorite of the two we had would be the seafood soup however😀👌🏼👍🏼💯

One negative….too little soup! haha! I’m just kidding…. the serving size was perfect…I would have just liked more because it was so good lol 😀


For main course, choices included fish, chicken or beef with 2 sides. The sides included different types of noodles, rice and veggies (see pic of menu above for the details). I don’t need to tell you what was one of my choices right? lol If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you will know me to be a rice lover! 😀


…..so of course I had rice…Szechuan rice to be exact with the Hakka special veggies with Thai beef. Hubby had the Manchow noodles, honey chili chicken and Hakka special veggies. I LOVED the manchow noodles, the chicken and the beef. The veggies were yummy but the rice I chose was supposed to be spicy but to me it wasn’t as spicy as I hoped but it was good.


Overall the main course was enjoyable and portion sizes were a lot. I have some leftovers waiting to be eaten today 😀 😀 (I love having leftovers!).

Then it was time for the dessert!!!!….Some say that dessert time is the best time! lol. The choices included either caramel cheesecake flan or chocolate heaven cake. Hubby chose the chocolate cake so I took the flan. Well…. although I was full from main course, there was enough space for the dessert! lol! no complaints at all about being full at that time!


I cannot express in words how satisfying the flan was! oh my gosh… The texture was sooo smooth…the consistency of it was on point and taste was just out of this world. Unfortunately I was too caught up in this dessert that I didn’t even want to taste the chocolate cake….but hubby said it was beyond amazing!

My choice of drink was a portugal or ‘pootegal’ juice which was excellent!

What would a review be without some criticism though right? The one negative I would mention is the length of time it took for our main course to arrive. Given that it was the first night of Restaurant week and it was a Friday night, it can be understandable however We were compensated for it though which was very much appreciated and it shown some concern on the restaurant’s end so props for that!

Despite that hiccup, it was an enjoyable night out with the family!

You guys should check them out! Give them a call at 334-2552 to make reservations.

I’m definitely looking forward to the rest of the week. Hoping to visit some more restaurants. I’m always ready for food adventures! 😀


If you would like to check out the restaurant listings for Trinidad and Tobago Restaurant week 2017, you can check out their Facebook page. It is HIGHLY recommended that reservations be made as early as possible as you can miss out.

Thanks so much for taking time to read this review. Send me your feedback on your experiences at restaurants during restaurant week and also feel free to send me suggestions for where to visit.

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    The food looks amazing!!

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