TOUCH N’ TASTE RESTAURANT (Trinidad and Tobago Restaurant Week)

Touch n’ Taste is a modern and chic restaurant located on Boundary Road, California in Trinidad that offers a modern American and Cantonese menu. This has been one of the spots on my ‘Restaurants to try’ list for a while!


I had seen so many beautiful photos online that added to the extreme interest in this particular restaurant. With restaurant week taking place across Trinidad and Tobago this week (September 15th – September 24th, 2017), I decided that I must visit.


Upon arrival to the establishment today, I was greeted by a very friendly and helpful guy who directed me where to park. There was a little drizzle at the time so he approached the car and opened the door for me to exit with an umbrella in hand to prevent me from getting wet. I would add that in addition to this service, I was immediately blown away by the look of the building from the outside. There was a modern feel to it which I appreciated quite a lot. The amazement did not just stop there….as I entered I was certainly taken aback by the lovely décor and layout.


We were seated quickly and were presented with the menus ($300 TTD per person for the restaurant week menu). Appetizers included wings, mussels or tofu. See photo attached for the details. I’m not a fan of tofu or mussels so naturally  I went for the wings. I’ll be honest…I was not sure what to expect. When it arrived however, I was wow-ed! There were 2 wings cut into half…so 4 pieces total on a bed of lettuce. They were steaming hot! Lol. They were greattt size pieces and were perfectly fried…..Quite flavourful with an extra crispy outer layer! I must say I was more than pleased with the first round of the meal. I wanted more! Lol


Next stop was my choice of chicken for the main course. It was a roasted half chicken with mashed potatoes with a basil cream sauce. Again…..I was not sure what to expect with regards to the portion size. The dish arrived and I was blown away! A huge half chicken was on my plate….lol! I was sooooo elated as I felt like this is what a main should look like! One thing that disappoints me so much is small portion sizes…especially when prices are on the higher end. The chicken was tender and succulent. The knife was not needed…even for the breast meat. It just came right off the bone! I am not exaggerating in any way lol. The potatoes were creamy and light just the way I like them.


We also had a creamy chicken and mushroom pasta (not part of the restaurant week menu) which was the perfect portion size and totally out of this world in terms of the taste. Creamy pasta is a favourite of mine and this certainly did not disappoint!


Dessert time was now here and this was a tough one for me as the choices included a chocolate mousse cake, red velvet cheesecake or strawberry tiramisu. It was a toss-up between the chocolate cake and cheesecake….but I chose the chocolate cake lol…. Now let me add that I was full by this point but that did not stop me from devouring the cake within a few minutes! Lol…it was big slice and very moist! I loved it!


This so far, has been my favourite spot during Restaurant Week. I was so beyond satisfied by the ambiance, food and service. In addition to the dining areas, there is also a banquet hall that’s available for meetings, functions etc. There is sufficient parking available also. I will certainly recommend that you visit Touch n’ Taste Restaurant! Their contact number is 636-1912.


I must say thank you so much for a wonderful lunch and thanks as well to the CEO for giving me a tour. Keep up to excellent work!

If you guys have visited before leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts.

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  1. Sasha Mohammed says:

    Gosh! I need to go there now after this review

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