Flights booked….hotel and car organized…passports ready! St Vincent here we come!

It was time to visit and explore another one of the beautiful Caribbean Islands. Our choice this time was…Saint Vincent and the Grenadines! After a 55 minute flight, we landed at the newly built Argyle International Airport (opened in February 2017) for a 4 day stay on the island.


With a population of approximately 110,000 people, I was curious to explore this small island. However, my main focus was on the local food.

Unfortunately for me, I was told by many of the locals I met, that there is a lack of food places/spots and restaurants on the island apart from those located within hotels. But with a little searching, I was able to check out a few of them in the short time I was there.


  • MANNA – This was a food spot we noticed as we were driving by. It was the first food place we ate at in St Vincent. It’s a casual chill spot with both indoor and outdoor seating available. With the School of Medicine located nearby, there were many students having breakfast when we arrived. The menu items were extremely reasonably priced which is always a plus! I ordered a codfish muffin and a passion fruit juice. The codfish muffin is what we will call ‘bake and saltfish’ in Trinidad. It was very similar…actually it was almost the exact same thing! the muffin was a bit tough but the saltfish was yummy! It was a nice size and cost only 2.50XCD. Total cost for breakfast that morning (an egg and cheese sandwich, 2 codfish muffins, a juice and 2 bottled waters) was 22.50XCD (roughly 56TT)…not bad at all right!

  • BEACHCOMBERS HOTEL – This was one of my favorite food spots I came across. Maybe because there was an amazing view! Beachcombers is a small hotel located right off the beach so while dining around the pool you can also enjoy a fantastic ocean view. Breakfast choices that morning included veggie omelettes and a Vincy breakfast (saltfish and bake with plantains). We loved them all! Quite flavorful and service was wonderful! The cost for 3 meals with coffee, juice and tea was 78.62XCD (roughly 196TT) (See slideshow below for pics)


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EAT RITE – This was a very casual eating spot located in the ‘Town’ which served a variety of dishes including roti!… yups lol… curry and roti! Unfortunately there were no halal food spots that we came across so all we ate was seafood for the entire trip. For lunch we had noodles, fish, rice and salad!… it felt like a homemade meal!… comfort food for me which is something I can always appreciate. I enjoyed it quite a lot! Portion size was great and it was very flavorful. It’s a great spot to grab and go but there is also a casual seating area available. For those working in and around the town area, it a great spot to pickup a meal.


  • CHILL SPOT – This was actually the first dinner spot we headed. It was the first place recommended by the locals. It a nice ‘limin’ spot but for hijabis like myself, it might be a bit inappropriate. Thankfully however, there is outdoor seating available. If you have an early dinner, you will not be faced with the crowd and loud ‘after work’ music etc. I will say however that the food was my absolute favorite of all that I had while in St. Vincent. I had grilled conch, rice, pasta salad and veggies which was 20XCD (roughly 50TTD). I really really really really enjoyed it! It was just full of such rich flavours!


  • FRENCH VERANDAH – This was an amazing …amazing spot! Absolutely beautiful view and relaxing setting! It was a great spot for a date night! After a long day, here is the place to be! The ambiance was perfect! With a virgin pina colada in hand and the view of the sunset, I would say we were in heaven! Our dinner choices included saltfish and breadfruit, callaloo soup, fries, fish burger and a grilled shrimp dish. All were delicious! Portion sizes were great. It is on the slightly pricey end…depending on what you chose but it was definitely worth it! Cost for 3 meals, 2 soups, 3 drinks was 218XCD (543TTD roughly). (Slideshow below)


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  • DRIFTWOOD – Another restaurant located alongside the ocean which meant a great view! The only thing though was that we chose this spot for dinner… lol… sooo no view for us this time! 🤦🏼‍♀️ but it was a very cute setting… with wood everywhere (the name is driftwood after all lol). For dinner we had fish pizza and a lobster dish. I’ve never had fish pizza but my goodness was this delicious! Thin crust with lots of cheese and bold flavors! For someone who isn’t a pizza fan… it was amazing! The lobster was ok… dry to be honest (I think it was because of the size of it) but the sides that accompanied it were yummy! If you are visiting and want to order the lobster… be sure to ask for a ‘young’ one lol. You will be very satisfied however with the ambiance and service and that fish pizza!!!


Although there were limited choices, I was thankfully able to visit a few of the restaurants on the island. Apart from the food, I’d like to share some of our other experiences:

  1. Ticket – We got a ticket for parking on the road. Yes, it was our fault, but as a tourist, these are some things you prefer not to have to deal with lol
  2. Winding roads and Road Rage – If you do rent a car, be prepared at all times!…and by that I mean, pay attention to the road at all times! If you don’t, you are going to get honked or yelled at! lol
  3. Airport wait for car rental – Piece of advice people!…PAY ATTENTION TO THE LOCATION OF THE CAR RENTAL!!! After waiting for about 45 mins in the airport, I realised I booked a car with a car rental in ANTIGUA! haha! …Yes…I really did that!…so please pay attention to the address and location etc!

Despite these ‘issues’ it is always amazing to see different cultures, lifestyles and people! From living in Trinidad and Tobago, travelling to Barbados, Bahamas, St Martin, Grenada, Jamaica and now St. Vincent, all I have to say is that we CARIBBEAN PEOPLE are soo diverse but also soo alike in many ways! The culture is simply beautiful! The Vincentians we met were such friendly and accommodating people and the food I had was delish!

If you’ve been to St Vincent, feel free to share your experience! Send me a message or leave me a comment!

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