POTATOES O’BRIEN (Atlantis, Barbados)

Both hubby and I enjoyyyy going out for breakfast but one thing we noticed in Barbados was a limited breakfast option.

Usually in Trinidad there’s a range of items even at the smallest #foodplace on the side of the street such as roti, bake, buljol, chokas etc… but we were told that breakfast in Barbados usually consists of eggs.
We did hear about a #buffet that’s available on Sundays at this spot though… but we heard about that on Monday🙈😂 and our flight to head back home was scheduled for Tuesday…so we missed out..🤔

Nevertheless, the potatoes o’brien were delicious as well as the omelette and believe it or not… I actually just enjoy eating bread and butter…alone lol! So those slices of bread were saved for last! 🙂

The setting was amazing! The service was great and the view was spectacular! It’s located along the east coast… about a 30 mins drive from the airport.

Definitely pay this food spot a visit next time you are in Barbados!


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