You guys are always seeing my recipes, food pics and videos but I’ve never really spoken about my kitchen items!… what I use… and what I can’t do without! Many of you have been messaging to ask about what I use etc so I’ve decided to share my top 5 favorite kitchen gadgets.

As you know I love being in the kitchen and most times cooking/food prep involves time  but there are some gadgets that can speed up things quite a bit and because of that I just cannot do without them. Of course, every foodie/chef will have a different list with different reasons. Something I might love, another person might find totally useless in their kitchen.

Nevertheless here are MY top 5 favorites:


This is my go to chopper! This is from Hamilton Beach and it has a 10 cup capacity. It’s fantastic for making green seasoning… cole slaw… veggies for Accra or buljol! I even use it to make cheese and chicken paste! It’s an amazing item to have in your kitchen and it saves you a lot of time. Clean up is easy and it’s a great help in food prep! Some, like this particular one (see below) comes with a scraper This extra addition is awesome to scrap along the edges while it’s on making life so much easier!

You can purchase this here: Hamilton Beach Food Processor


You should realise by now that I am hooked on dhal! Lol… and even callaloo. This hand blender saves you so much time when making these types of dishes! This is a MUST HAVE specifically because I need dhal! (YES i just said I NEED dhal lol). I am in need of a new one however and I have been searching for a good one and came across the one in link below. I’m definitely going to purchase it soon!

You can purchase here: Hamilton Beach Hand Blender


This is one of my loves! Every Trinidadian has green seasoning (a combo of different local herbs and garlic) in their fridge or freezer at any given point in time. Sometimes I don’t…so I when I need to have ‘crushed or grated’ garlic in a dish, this kitchen gadget is a life saver! I don’t have the knife skills and patience to finely chop garlic each time I am cooking so this is for sure a MUST HAVE! I can safely say that I LOVE THIS GADGET!

You can purchase here: Garlic Grater – Option 1 or Garlic Grater – Option 2


Back in the day, and actually sometimes even now, I see many people still opening cans/tins with knives. Believe it or not, I have been using this method recently as my can opener just stopped working one day! I think that method can be quite dangerous and I’ve actually cut myself already….so a can opener is something I need to have! There are the manual ones and then there are the electric. Both are fine in my opinion but the electric ones tend to spoil fast for some reason. Either way….I must have one in my kitchen at all times!

You can purchase this item here: Manual Can Opener or Electric Can Opener


This is God sent! Put rice to cook and you can go about your day as usual! It’s switches from cooking to ‘warm’ so when you are ready to eat, you’ve got yourself some nice warm rice. No straining is required. This gadget handles it all for you! I am a hot rice lover so this is perfection and makes life so easy sometimes!

You can purchase this here: Rice Cooker Option 1 or Rice Cooker – Option 2

Just to clarify, knives and cutting boards etc were not included as I didn’t really classify them as gadgets…those fall more into the kitchen basics for me. The links provided will take you to my recommendation of the respective items.

What are some of your favorite gadgets? Do you have some of these on your list as well? Send me a message or leave me a comment. I’d love to know!

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Check out the video below:


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