SHRIMP PASTA (Dianne Tea Shop, Trinidad)

My first love would be rice. My second love is no doubt pasta!…especially creamy pasta! Yum!

That’s exactly what I had at Dianne’s…’La Ricetta Bianca with shrimp’

This was a creamy pasta with enough mustard (no alcohol was used upon request). It was the first time having it and I must say, I was absolutely blown away. The flavors were so intense with just the right amount of ‘creaminess’…. the shrimp sizes were perfect…the portion size was great. I was totally satisfied with everything about this dish.

In addition to the great tasting meal, the service and setting at Dianne’s is top class. This food spot is great for girls time or family time.

Apart from the pasta, there’s the breakfast option which includes French toast, eggs and more as well as salads and sandwiches…and we can’t forget all the different types of tea available.

Ill be visiting again please God to have some more of this delightful pasta! 😀


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