GYRO PLATTER (The Halal Guys, Davie, Florida)

As a Muslim, I am always looking for some great halal food spots. On this trip to Florida, we stopped in at a popular halal food place called ‘The Halal Guys’ located off University Drive in Davie, Florida.

Their bold colors of red and yellow assures you that you are at the right place!😀 As we (husband and my parents) entered, the food aromas just filled in the air which made me even more hungry than I was! The friendly staff made it so easy to choose from the menu as first timers.

The menu choices included gyros (chicken or beef) and platters (chicken and/or gyro) with your choice of toppings and not forgetting their famous white and hot sauce.

My choice was a regular size gyro platter while hubby and my parents all took a combo platter with both chicken and gyro. All items were already prepared so there was no waiting time which was fantastic! Total cost of all 4 meals with 3 drinks was 43USD.


The platter consisted of rice, meat, lettuce and tomatoes….I added the white and hot sauce to it and my taste buds were in their glee! 😀 Great tasting meal with wonderful flavors.

My honest preference would be the chicken instead of the gyro for the platter. I found that the chicken had lots more flavor than the gyro (Hubby and I exchanged gyro for chicken so I was able to try it lol).

At this location, there were both indoor and outdoor seating which was great as we were able to sit and enjoy our meal properly.

Would I visit again? Definitely yes! But next time I’ll be having the chicken platter😊


Be sure to check out my vlog on this food adventure on my YouTube channel:


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  1. fivesc says:

    Assalaamu alaikum, hope you get to try out the food at
    Sheiks Bakery & Cafe,
    184 N University Dr
    Pembroke Pines, FL 33025 – Trini/Guyanese food with some great curry goat!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Walaikum Assalam! Oh that sounds so good! Will definitely try it out next time I’m in Florida😀


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