Chinese take out anyone? 🙂 Sometimes after a long day, all I feel for is some good Chinese food and a movie at home….and after a longgggg month, well, Chinese take out and a movie sounded exactly like what I needed!

Thankfully, these days things are just a phone call away. I called and placed my order instead of having to go in and wait. My choice today was chicken Singapore noodles with Chinese style chicken and some steamed shrimp wantons! Sounds delish right? 🙂

oh my what a sight!
Young Ho Lees or as they are very commonly known, Lee’s, is always one of my top choices for Chinese. Firstly they are halal, very conveniently located on El Socorro Main Road just opposite Nur-e-Islam Masjid, VERY affordable ($90 for my dinner choice today) and most importantly awesome tasting! If you are wondering, there is also seating available but it’s very casual dining.

Steamed wantons are usually enjoyed as an appetizer but I actually like having them with my main meal 🙂 You can choose between chicken or shrimp….today I went for the shrimp. The garlic flavor with the soft and perfectly steamed wanton skins just melt in your mouth. There isn’t any spice in it though so being a pepper mouth, I tend to add both pepper sauce and soy sauce. I actually choose steamed wantons over the fried ones 95% of the time as I think there are so much more flavors when they are steamed.


Another one of my favorite dishes at Lee’s, would be the Singapore noodles with chicken! Talk about absolute goodness! You can taste the sesame oil…with the sweet peppers and onions…and together with the chicken, this dish is always so tasty!


Chinese style chicken….honestly, I won’t say I am a fan of this type of chicken. I prefer a garlic chicken or chicken and mushroom or broccoli, or pepper chicken but hubby tends to enjoy when it’s prepared in this way and seeing that Chinese food isn’t his favorite, this is usually ordered for him so that he can look forward to something…lol. It is quite tasty however. The chicken pieces are all fried perfectly before being coated with the yummy sauce and you get to select whether you want breast meat or leg/thigh.


What your favorite Chinese restaurant? and what dishes do you prefer? Leave me a comment! I’ll love to hear your feedback.

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Ok…ok….Enough writing…now it’s time for me to go have some seconds! 😀 Look out for my next post soon!


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