CARA SUITES (Trinidad and Tobago Restaurant Week 2017)

Time to visit another restaurant participating in TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO RESTAURANT WEEK 2017.

Soooo many restaurants to choose from but this time we decided to head down to Cara Suites located in Claxton Bay, Trinidad. This restaurant fell within the $300 per person category and had great options to choose from.

IMG_9463.JPGAppetizer choices included sautéed spinach, chicken, crab meat or shrimp, all of which sounded very much appetizing but the battle was between the crab meat and shrimp…

The chosen ones included the fried stuffed shrimp and crab meat salad with avocado. Both dishes were delicious. The one negative would have been the portion size of the shrimp dish….maybe another shrimp would have been perfect but it was very tasty.


The crabmeat with the avocado was a great and healthy combo and had nice flavours!


This was the first restaurant I had seen with a soup option included after the appetizer as part of the menu which certainly added more value for the cost! The dish was a very tasteful seafood minestrone which consisted of fish, shrimp, squid, mussels. Sounds like the ideal meal for seafood lovers right!? 😀 It was certainly did not disappoint.


Next stop….the entrée :D….One of the major deciding factors for me in choosing restaurants during this restaurant week was the main course choices…in addition to the halal meats of course. Cara Suites was one of the food spots that hit the mark in terms of great choices in my opinion. There was an option for the seafood lovers, meat lovers and vegetarians. Seafood options included a kingfish dish or shrimp/scallop pasta. Meat mouths could have chosen from spiced lamb or chicken breast while the vegetarians choice was grilled vegetables. This was a hard choice as the meat was halal…so it was a battle between the seafood and meat! 😀

The ultimate decision?….The shrimp and scallop pasta and the spiced lamb! Portion sizes were fantastic! The lamb was tender and succulent while the potatoes were perfectly done!


After shrimp, I would probably say that scallops are my second favourite seafood so I was very much excited when I saw this dish on the menu. No complaints at all with both dishes…only full satisfaction!


Dessert round soon followed with choices that included crepe, cheesecake, or chocolate cake. We could not resist the cheesecake and chocolate cake of course…who can right? 😀 Both dessert slices were wonderful….smooth texture of the cheesecake and the moist chocolate cake made our taste buds scream for more! 😀


Overall, this experience was amazing and quite pleasing! Cara Suites is not somewhere I would randomly visit as it is a bit far from home but after this satisfaction, I can see us visiting again soon! In total, the entire experience took no more than an hour and a half from being seated to enjoying the last bit of dessert. You can maybe say we ate quickly but the service was on point…no waiting times and each time a server came to the table, there were smiles.

Thumbs up! 😀




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