CATCH OF THE DAY & LAMBI ROTI (Le Chateau, Grenada)

Le Chateau is a casual and relaxing dining spot located in Mont Toute, Grenada. The open air dining setup at the establishment caught my attention as we drove past earlier that day and I knew for sure I needed to pay them a visit.


My meal choice that evening was the grilled catch of the day with rice and veggies. Catch of the day choices included mahi mahi, baracuda or snapper. With the assistance from my fisherman hubby in choosing the type of fish, I decided to have the snapper and my mum had the mahi mahi.


The wait was a bit long but we were told that generally, food is made on the spot so there usually is a wait…but hey! at least you know you are getting fresh food right?! lol When the meal arrived I fell in love with the presentation! Beautiful colors from the veggies with a perfectly looking grilled fish with the rice (my comfort zone lol).

The fish was very well seasoned and the rice was nice and hot with perfectly done veggies on the side. Portion size was ideal and the flavors were amazing. The snapper was flaky and so tasty! The cost of this was 48 ECD (approx $125 TTD). Mum’s mahi mahi was just as delish but it is more of a firm fish than the snapper. My personal favorite of the two was the snapper.


Hubby’s choice was the lambi roti! Yes…you heard right….a wrapped lambi roti! While we were waiting for the food, we could have smelt this and it just made us even more hungry lol.

I’ve never had lambi roti so was excited about this! At a cost of 20ECD (approx $55 TTD), the size in my opinion was pretty big. The roti was slightly differently from what I know in Trinidad. It was thinner but still so yummy! Lambi isn’t a favorite of mine but you can’t go to Grenada and not have this delicacy!


Overall, I was very much satisfied with the food! Amazing flavors and perfect portion sizes. Staff was friendly and the ambiance was great.

Ill be visiting again the next time I’m in Grenada😀🇬🇩




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