Caraille or, as it is also called, Bitter Melon is veryyyyy bitter and not liked by many people. I, however, LOVE it (notice the emphasis with the use of the CAPS lol) with dhal and rice! Some people also eat it with roti but I prefer the rice and dhal.

This fruit/vegetable requires some preparation prior to cooking. By that I mean, the seeds need to be removed after which the caraille is cut into slices then sprinkled with salt and put to dry outside in the sun for a few hours. This helps to remove the excessive bitterness. Once this is done, the slices are squeezed to remove the juice from them. Once most if not all has be removed, it’s time to cook it.

Cooking takes roughly 1 hour. The basic ingredients include onon, garlic, hot pepper, salt and black pepper.

Check out this video with my mum giving me some lessons lol.

As you saw in the video, I had the caraille with:




Be sure to check out those recipes/videos and try this entire meal at home! It’s a favorite here in Trinidad!


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