Roti has become a popular staple in Trinidad and Tobago. It is usually made with flour, baking powder, salt and water and cooked on what is know as a ‘tawa’ which is a flat round metal griddle used in Indian cooking. The most common types of roti include sada, dhalpuri and paratha.

Paratha or as it is commonly called, ‘buss up shut’ is a flaky type of roti prepared with butter. The name comes from the close resemblance to a torn or ‘busted up’ shirt. The method of cooking is quite interesting….When the roti is almost finished cooking, the cook usually beats the roti while on the tawa resulting in the flakiness of it and ‘buss up’ appearance.

Like most roti, buss up shut is typically eaten with curries and stews. The traditional way to enjoy roti is by breaking it into pieces and eating it with pieces of meat and sauce.

This is probably my favorite type of roti as it tends to have a lot more flavor than plain roti. My preference is to have it with stewed chicken while piping hot! 😍

Buss up shut can be found in any of the manyyyy ‘roti shops’ that now exist in Trinidad.

Buss up Shut with stewed chicken and curried channa

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