LOBSTER LINGUINE (Sail’s Restaurant, Grenada)

When you think about having lunch at a restaurant/food spot on an island I’m sure you envision an ocean view while eating right? Well that’s certainly my ideal idea of lunch when visiting any island! You can never get too much of a beach view!

At Sails Restaurant, which is conveniently located in Carenage, Grenada, that is exactly what you will experience!


My choice for lunch at Sails was the lobster Linguine which was priced at 65XCD (average cost for a lobster dish in my opinion). You should know by now that I am a creamy pasta lover! Soooo… lobster…. anddd creamy pasta in one dish???? Definitely yes please!


Within a few minutes of ordering the meals were on our table! Thank goodness because one thing I am not a fan of, no matter how good the food is, is a long wait time.

As I saw the waitress bringing the meal, I would admit… I thought it looked like it was going to be a very small portion size and I was slightly disappointed by this. However!!! While eating, that disappointment vanished! I was fooled by the bowl! It was a deep dish so from the outside it appeared to be small and hold very little but boy oh boy was I super pleased!!! I was actually full from it. It was actually the perfect portion size.

There were pieces of lobster all through the pasta! The sauce was on point …the entire dish was just amazing! I loved every bite of it! To accompany this, I ordered a virgin pina colada that went so well with it.


What made this food experience even more enjoyable apart from the delicious food and fantastic view, was the very very hospitable staff members at the establishment.

I certainly do recommend that you visit Sails if and when you visit Grenada. See you again sometime! It was truly an enjoyable experience! Check them out on FB!


Thanks as always for taking the time to read this post. Feel free to share your experience by either commenting or sending me a message….I’d love to hear it!

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