GRENADA (January, 2018)

Grenada! You were sooo amazing the last time I visited that I needed to visit again! First trip for 2018 was to the beautiful Spice Isle! To be honest, I feel like I’m at home when I’m on this gorgeous island! It’s like a small Trinidad!💖

Wondering how this trip went? Well…. continue reading! 😀




We landed at the Maurice Bishop International Airport around 6:30am so after getting through the airport shenanigans, we picked up our vehicle and headed to get something to eat!… Breakfast time on an island calls for a spot with both an amazing view and good food! My choice was Dodgy Dock.

Dodgy Dock is located at the True Blue Bay Resort, a boutique hotel with so much outdoor character, just a few mins away from the airport. Immediately upon arrival I noticed the wonderful view! The open air setting with the fresh ocean breeze hitting my face was amazing!

 For breakfast we could have chosen from the a la carte menu or enjoyed a continental buffet. We opted for the a la carte menu.


Hubby had the Grenadian Breakfast which consisted of saltfish, coconut bake, eggs, plantains and a side of fruits. I had the Mexican Egg and Bean Burrito that came with salsa and sour cream! I don’t think I’ve ever seen this option for breakfast anywhere I’ve been to so far so was eager to try it!

We waited for roughly half hour before the food arrived… not too too bad considering the fact that we were distracted by the blackbird on the other table trying to steal the guy’s food! Lol (I’m kinda scared of those birds by the way… well of most animals… but shhh 😊).


Once the food arrived, we didn’t waste any time in devouring them! Portion size was great. I had to pack one of the burritos to go actually. The one thing that I wasn’t too pleased about was the red beans used in my burrito… when I think Mexican I think black beans so my mind was set on getting black beans but it was still yummy nevertheless.



h meals came with a choice of tea, coffee or juice. Total cost was 60XCD. Service was great! The staff was friendly and accommodating and the view was spectacular! Yes I said that already but it was worth another mention! Lol



Welcome to yet another food spot in Grenada with a fantastic view! The best part about this restaurant is that it is literally on the beach… Grand Anse Beach to be exact… one of the most beautiful beaches ever!

Yes! Andddd there were tables and chairs on on the sand! 😀 why sit indoors when you can bury your toes in the sand while you eat right?!

My lunch choice was Ginger Calypso lambie and rice with veggies and the Hubby had a fish salad.

While waiting on our food the local fishermen arrived from the sea with their catches!… some huge barracudas and kingfish! The local activities happening as you sat to dine was so great! It added to the ‘island experience’

Our meals were ready in no time! Hubby’s salad looked divine!!! The fish was grilled to perfection I must say and was quite delicious! My lambie meal was sooo good! I like rice so I would have liked some more of that but the lambie and veggies portion sizes were great. ‘it nice once I have my rice’ haha.


xt-align: justify”> Overall we enjoyed our lunch at Coconut Beach Restaurant. It was great being on the beach and seeing all the local activities taking place. The service we received was great as well. Cost for lunch for 2 persons was 114XCD (one water and 2 meals)


Another lunch spot we were able to check out was the quite popular restaurant called AQUARIUM! Similar to Coconut Beach Restaurant, this spot is located on the beach… Magazine Beach! The seawater was a lot rougher than at Grand Anse but the view was breathtaking!

Lunch choices include a shrimp creamy pasta that was sooooo good and barracuda with rice (of course lol). My rice portion size was too small but the meal was delicious! The fish was cooked nicely and was quite flavourful. The pasta portion to me was good but Hubby thought it was a bit small. Nevertheless we both enjoyed both meals quite a lot!

This restaurant is located at the Maca Bana Luxury Boutique Hotel which is a few mins away from the airport. The entire setting of the restaurant was very inviting and the service was good. No long waiting times for our meals which was definitely a bonus.

Cost of lunch was 124XCD



This was the only spot we tried for dinner. Why you might be asking? Well i prefer not to venture too much at night… maybe it’s old age… not sure lol but also because food pics aren’t as nice as they are during the day! Yes that is actually one of my reasons! 😂 As a foodie if I don’t get nice pics I get disappointed! Lol  but it was the night before heading back to TnT so we decided to have a dinner date.

It certainly was a great date night spot! Fantastic ambiance and service! Normally you determine how well the service is after you get your food etc but as we walked in, someone greeted us and took us to our seats. We arrived around 7:30 (our reservation time… it’s recommended that you make reservations as they are quite busy especially on the weekends) and by 8:15 we were almost finished eating!!!

Our choice for dinner included chicken biryani, Achari fish curry and garlic naan. If you follow me on social media, you should know that East Indian cuisine is one of my favorites! We both enjoyed this spot so much! Portion was great. Flavors were amazing! We even had some leftovers which was enjoyed for breakfast the next day! Lol

Unfortunately I did not get any settings photos as I was way too distracted by the amazing aromas of the food as we entered until the time we got our food. The ambiance was wonderful though! The service was great and the food was delicious! Cost of dinner for 2 persons was 104XCD.


These food spots were chosen randomly and the list is still long so hoping to visit the Spice Isle again sometime to continue the food adventures. If I were to rank the choices (based on MY likes and preferences) I would say my favorite food was from Punj-abi. In terms of settings, I can’t choose…all were amazing! Best service was also from Punj-abi.

Halal chicken was only available at Punj-abi Restaurant. If you are traveling to Grenada however and are Muslim, there are halal meats available at Real Value Supermarket so you can rent an apartment or accomodation with a kitchenette so you can prepare your own meals. I actually did this one day. I made a delightful lamb topped with mushrooms served with potatoes and veggies. I had so much fun in the kitchen while making this meal! Having halal meat and my favorite seasonings available, JGM PRODUCTS was amazing! JGM Products seasonings and spices are available in the leading supermarkets in Grenada. Be sure to get yours today!



span style="color: #ff00ff">OUTFIT CHOICES:

This isn’t a main topic on my blog but many have been asking about my outfit choices. For this trip I took 2 dresses and mostly tops. These are the looks below:


Shop this look here:

Floral Top

Adidas Pants


Shop the look here:

TOP: Forever21

Jeans: Walmart

Slippers: Adidas

Shoes: American Eagle

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Maxi Dress: Urbanite Boutique

Maxi dresses are my go to vacation favorites but this trip involved a bit more than simply relaxation so the jeans and simple tops were ideal!


In conclusion, GRENADA YOU WERE AMAZING!!! Hopefully will see you  again soon!

Hope you enjoyed this blogpost! Thanks so much for taking the time to read it.

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