Wedding anniversaries are a reason for celebration right?…. What better way to celebrate than a Sunday Brunch! Get ready and let’s head to the southern part of the beautiful island of Trinidad to a popular restaurant called ‘KRAVE’

Reservations (recommended) were made for 11am and you bet we were on time! Lol. We were pretty excited as we’ve always wanted to visit this ‘hot spot’. Some of you might be saying ‘You’ve never been there and you live in Trinidad?!?!’ …..I will admit, I had never been to Krave before mainly because of the distance from where I live and the fact that hubby spends his entire work week in that area so he tends to not really feel like driving in that direction outside work hours lol.

Upon arrival, we were greeted with very friendly faces and were immediately taken to our table. Our server came a few minutes later and gave us a tour of the various stations available for the brunch buffet (I’ve never gotten a tour at brunch… but it was definitely a welcomed addition!).

Upon entry, the ambiance and decor were so inviting! I absolutely loved the classy decoration.

There were various stations with different items which included a ‘hot lunch’ station, soups included; a cold entree/salad bar; a breakfast station, omelettes and pancakes included; a fantastic dessert section; tea/coffee and various juices.

There was also a sushi station for you sushi lovers!

I had no idea where to start eating from! Lol…. I actually decided to skip the breakfast station and went straight the soup and cold station. I had an amazing seafood chowder, together with smoked eel with rice noodles, egg salad, baked salmon and sushi! Yes!!! I ate all of that…lol. Everything was delicious! The shrimp sushi and seafood chowder were my favorites!

After having those delights, I headed towards the main lunch section….my choices included rice, potatoes, mahi mahi, chicken, veggies, spinach salad and a seafood quiche!

For my Muslim readers, we were assured that the chicken was halal. However, there were soooo many seafood options that you would be fine without any other meat.


After indulging in such a wonderful plate of food… and the items I had before, you can imagine how full I was…Soo it was time for a tea break, before I attacked the dessert section!!!

It was truly a wonderful dessert spread, the choices included cheesecakes, chocolate cakes, tiramisu, fruits, creme brulee and much more!

These were all soooo good!

Hubby and I could not move after eating all that we did! LOL! We had such an amazing time! From the friendly staff to the great tasting food it was a great experience. The cost of brunch was TTD333.00 (inclusive of service charge and tax) per person. I know some of my Instagram followers thought that it was on the expensive side and I’ll agree to an extent, but it was definitely worth it, especially for a special occasion like an anniversary, birthday etc. Definitely worth it…if it’s within your budget!

What’s a good review without some ‘cons’ right? The only one ‘dislike’ was the space. The restaurant was fully booked, so there were many bodies moving back and forth from the various stations, which caused a lot of ‘bumping into’ moments. There was also limited space between the tables so getting around was a bit of a challenge at times.

Other than that minor issue, everything was absolutely fantastic! I’ll definitely recommend that you visit. They can be found on Instagram and Facebook so be sure to check them out!

Now that the food part is finished, for the ladies wondering about my outfit lol…. I chose a long sleeve maxi dress of course! You know my love for maxi dresses! 🙂 If you liked it, you can purchase the dress here: Floral Maxi Dress

As always! Thank you so much for stopping by my website and for reading this blogpost. If you’ve been to Krave before send me your feedback! I’d love to hear it. If you have not checked them out yet, I recommend that you do!


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