Stew chicken is a favorite not only in Trinidad and Tobago but also throughout the Caribbean! It’s a dish that is enjoyed with provision, rice, macaroni pie, roti and so many more sides!

Each country and each person has his/her own idea of the perfect stew but for me, there are a few ingredients that I believe are key!

This recipe highlights the stew spice blend from my brand called Flavoured By Jenna G which has just the right combination of spices to add that extra flavor to your stew dish!


1 lb chicken, cut into small pieces

1 1/2 tbsp brown sugar

1 tbsp ketchup

1/2 tbsp stew spice blend to season chicken + 1/4- 1/2 tbsp to add to the end of cooking

Salt to taste (I usually use 1 tsp to 1 lb of meat)

Sliced onions

1 small tomato sliced

Hot pepper (as you like)


Green seasoning (as much as you like)


1. Comible chicken, 1/2 tbsp stew spice blend, salt, green seasoning. Mix well and set aside to marinate if you have sufficient time.

2. When you are ready to cook it, add sugar to a pot over low/medium heat. Stir until sugar has caramelizar and a thick mixture similar to that of cake batter is formed.

3. Add seasoned chicken and stir to coat all pieces with the mixture.

4. Increase heat to high and allow any water that springs from the chicken to evaporate.

5. Add onions, hot pepper, tomatoes, green seasoning and enough water to cover the chicken.

6. Cook on medium heat for 20-25 minutes or until meat is fully cooked through and there is enough sauce/gravy to your liking. Depending on the size of the chicken pieces, the time can vary. Be sure to add more water if necessary during the cooking process.

7. When the chicken is almost finished, add some green seasoning to your liking and roughly 1/4- 1/2 tbsp stew spice blend. Stir well. You can taste and add more of the stew spice blend to your liking.

Stew is one of my favorite ways of having chicken! I hope you guys give my stew spice blend a try soon using this recipe.

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Check out my TikTok video here on this recipe:


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